Shrubby Road Studio Worcester UK

The rehearsal and practice room has a full 1.8kw PA system featuring full range Peavey speakers with passive crossovers and bass bins, complete with a minimum of 2 shure microphones and stands.

Until further notice we are asking all musicians to bring their own mics, leads and mic stands, all drum breakables including snare, drum stool, kick pedal, cymbals etc...
We will supply our 5 piece drum shells and our big 1.8kw full range PA system.

There are plenty of sanitiser dispensers throughout the building with additional hand washing stations and the studio will be sanitised after each use for your safety. 

 The Behringer mixing desk features 6 xlr channels and 4 stereo channels using ultra-low noise design, to supply the highest possible headroom, and studio-grade stereo fx processor with 100 awesome presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects.

The sound quality is enhanced by a Peavey Q215FX equaliser offering two channels with 15 bands of 2/3 octave filters featuring superior constant “Q” devices. Each channel has Peavey's exclusive FLS Feedback Locating System.

PA amplification is supplied by Inter M , Peavey or QSC power amps.

Please ask if you have any specific audio or visual requirements and we will do our best to supply your requirements. We have good connections with local music shops and hire companies so can cater for all your needs.

Please note we don't supply any backline amplification . 

You must supply your own guitar and bass amplification but there is a full 1.8kw PA and Mapex drum kit shells as shown below - please bring your own breakables ie: cymbals, kick pedal, snare, hi hat clutch and drum stool.

Full mixing desk specs can be checked here :

Please note we are not a recording studio but by prior arrangement we can adapt to a recording situation if required.

We have a semi sound proofed room adjacent to the rehearsal room and this can be used for monitoring and recording from the main room.

We can offer live recording sessions.

Shrubby Road Studio

Unit 1

Worcester Enterprise Centre,

Shrub Hill Industrial estate, Shrub Hill Road, Worcester WR4 9EL

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